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    who we are

    Who We Are

    Who We Are

    HORAC Nepal is a non-profit social organization located inTaudaha, Kathmandu, Nepal and is registered with the Nepal Government and the Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

    The main purpose of the organization is to work for the welfare of the children, especially those who are the victim of political conflict in the country and the extreme poverty. Many children lost one or both of their parents during the conflict or are abandoned by their extremely poor parents to languish in the streets, beg and face exploitation deprived of their basic human rights. This organization provides the basic needs like food, accommodation, clothes, education, love and care, special guidance and takes care of their basic rights, so that these children will be capable of living a meaningful life and contributing to the society in future.

    After the political conflict ended and peace process was begun in the country homeless, weak family condition, needy children were brought in HORAC. Children get their education and accommodation in friendly environment here. Recently after massive earthquake of Nepal in 2015 lots of children became homeless and many lost their parents and caretaker, HORAC is the one who had also rescued the children of earthquake victim.

    The Challenge of an orphan, needy, helpless, poor and street children still remains one of the most problems facing in Nepal making many children more vulnerable to several aspects such as lack of access to education, shelter, feeding, socialization and integration in the community. Keeping this in view, HORAC wants to set up a permanent orphanage home to accommodate children of HORAC and also want to welcome some more children with specific objectives and goals.