1. Rescue Children

HORAC Nepal plays a critical role in rescuing children at risk, in collaboration with local and governmental bodies. This includes identifying children in vulnerable situations—those who are orphaned, abandoned, or living in unsafe environments—and providing immediate intervention to remove them from harm. The rescue process involves:

    • Collaboration: Working closely with local authorities, police, and community organizations to identify and reach children in need.

    • Intervention: Swift action to ensure the safety of the children, often involving emergency removal from dangerous situations.

    • Support: Providing immediate care and support, including food, shelter, and medical attention, to stabilize the children's condition before moving them to the children’s home.

2. Children Home

Once children are rescued, they are brought to the HORAC Shelter home, which offers both long-term and short-term care. The home provides a nurturing environment where children can grow and thrive. The staff and all the children at HORAC Shelter home welcome them, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Key activities and services at the Shelter home include:

    • Food and Accommodation Services: Ensuring that all children have access to nutritious meals and comfortable living conditions.

    • Parental Love, Care, and Protection: Creating a family-like atmosphere where children receive emotional support and guidance from dedicated caregivers.

    • Regular Health Checkups and Care: Providing routine medical examinations and healthcare services to maintain the children's physical well-being.

    • Schooling for the Children: Facilitating access to education by enrolling children in local schools and providing necessary educational materials.

    • Recreation Facilities: Offering activities such as music, dance, and sports classes to promote physical and creative development.

    • Educational Visits and Tours: Organizing outings and educational tours to broaden the children's experiences and knowledge.

    • Extra Tuition Classes: Providing additional academic support to help children succeed in their studies.

    • Skills and Empowerment Training: Equipping children with practical skills and confidence to prepare them for future independence.

    • Referral Services: Connecting children with specialized services and resources as needed to support their development.

3. Reintegration and Reunification

A key component of HORAC Nepal's mission is to reintegrate children with their families whenever possible. This process involves:

    • Family Tracing: Actively searching for the children’s families or extended relatives to assess the possibility of reunification.

    • Reunification: Facilitating the safe and supportive return of children to their families, accompanied by continuous monitoring to ensure their well-being.

    • Long-term Support: For children who cannot be immediately reunified, HORAC provides long-term care at the shelter home. These children receive comprehensive support until they reach adulthood.

    • Ongoing Assistance: Even after children leave the home, HORAC continues to offer support to ensure they successfully integrate into society. This includes helping them find employment, further education, and accommodation.

Through these main activities, HORAC Nepal aim to create a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for vulnerable children, empowering them to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

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