"To serve the welfare of our Children" - Our mission is to provide children in need with love, happiness, mental, emotional and social support, and a quality education, with the result of children leading a prosperous life that is filled with ambitions, skills and compassion. Additionally, HORAC wishes to provide children a safe place of worship, proper medical care options and any other necessary resources to help them become valuable members of their community. 


HORAC aspires to have enough support through donors and sponsorships to cover the costs of regular  food supplies, accommodation needs, clothing, extra-curricular opportunities for children and a high quality education. 


-To provide loving care, accommodation, food, and education for orphaned, destitute, abandoned, needy, and poor children, as well as children who are victims of domestic violence.

-To provide quality medical care, health checkup services and care at home in case of sickness

-To impart them better communication, leadership, teamwork skills and motivation to achieve success in their future

-To ensure they are not deprived of their fundamental rights and are not exploited in any way, shape or form

-To decrease child labor and child violence in Nepal

-To educate Nepalese society about the necessary care of orphaned and homeless children

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