HORAC ‘s primary objective is providing our Children with a home of love and care where they feel safe and stable. Keeping our objective in mind has compelled us to improve the living conditions of our Children by building a new HORAC owned home. 

We are currently facing challenges with our house, including a noisy and polluted environment being on a main road, it is expensive to rent and maintain, the size of house and outside space does not fit the number of children we hope to one day house and we fear it may be insecure and unsafe in an instance of an earthquake. There is structural damage from the 7.9 rector earthquake that devastated our community in 2015. We dream of building a new, earthquake safe home, where we can ensure the safety of children. Additionally, having enough rooms for the expansion of children and a large outdoor space for sports and activities is a goal we hope to someday achieve.

In order to make our Dream House come true, we rely on generous sponsors, donors, or anyone willing to donate their time, money, or resources. It only takes one person to spread our story and hopefully one day, help build a new and safe home for our Children. Whether you choose to be an on-going sponsor, a one-time donor, or someone who is willing to visit our home and help with improvements, we greatly appreciate any support we are given. We assure you that all the funds received will be properly accounted for, well utilized, and you will receive a receipt of your donation, along with HORAC ‘s 501(c)(3) information for tax purposes. 

For more details, to see our proposal, or question about how to become a Sponsor/donor, please contact us at info@horac.org

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