HORAC Nepal's Shining Stars Excel in SEE: Sponsorship Invited for College Studies

Today June 27th, 2024, HORAC Nepal celebrated the impressive achievements of its children in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). Shyam Kunwar, Sita B.K., and Kamal Basnet secured notable GPAs of 3.61, 3.4, and 3.35, respectively. Their results are a testament to their hard work and the supportive environment provided by HORAC Nepal.

HORAC has always been committed to providing a supportive and educational atmosphere for its children. The achievements of Shyam, Kamal, and Sita reflect the hard work put in by the children, the staff, and the members. The home’s focus on holistic development, including academic excellence, has proven to be a successful strategy in helping these children reach their full potential.

As the SEE results are celebrated, the children’s home looks forward to continuing its mission of providing quality education and support to all its children. The success of Shyam, Kamal, and Sita serves as a powerful reminder of what can be achieved with dedication, support, and a nurturing environment. HORAC extends its heartfelt congratulations to these bright young individuals and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors.

We are now seeking support for their further studies in college to help them achieve their aims. We welcome anyone who wants to support and sponsor their further education.

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