As the title indicates, this is a request to become a monthly sponsor for one or more of the children living in HORAC Nepal. We have 25 children in HORAC, and it is our goal to find a sponsor for each child. We hope to match each child with a sponsor to secure dependable financial support, instead of the sporadic donations we depend on now. Because we believe – and can already observe – that sponsorships make it possible to provide stable food, clothing, medical needs, and accomodation, Sponsors become a member of our family who show love and care to our Children. This truly means a lot to everyone at HORAC. 

As a sponsor you do not just send money – you help fulfill the specific needs for a child to live a happy and healthy life. By writing and receiving letters, you can follow your child’s daily triumphs and challenges, share your experiences, teach your child about your country and culture, and in the process, help improve their English as well. 

Together, we can make a difference in a child’s life. 

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