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    Chandra Raj Rokaya

    Chandra Raj Rokaya

    Child’s name: Mr. Chandra Raj
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Saturday, January 13, 2001
    Home Address: Rara VDC, Ward No.-08, Mugu –District
    Favorite Subject: Science
    Favorite Food: Ice-cream
    Favorite Game: Football and Table Tennis
    Hobby: Spend time with friends and visiting different places.
    Dreams: He always play football and he said “he want to be a famous football player of Nepal to improve my country and make my country known by everyone”.
    Expectation: Inspite of all those things he is very intelligent and active children. He has desired to learn many things. To continue his further study he is expecting to have sponsorship to in order to achieve his mission and his life. Sponsorship will be having a good relationship with him.