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    Hemraj Rai

    Hemraj Rai

    Child’s name: Mr. Hemraj
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Wednesday, December 5, 2001
    Home Address: Damak VDC, Ward No.-15, Jhapa –District
    Favorite Subject: Science
    Favorite Food: Chowmin, Grapes
    Favorite Game: Cricket
    Hobby:  playing Cricket , Watching TV, Listening Music
    Dreams: Hem Raj wants to be pilot because he want to see and visit the World, feel the world how is it. Another important thing that he want to change the airline condition of Nepal because due to management of airline many accident happened so he wanted to save the life of them.
    Expectation: After observing about Mr. Hemraj we know that he is very hard working person. He is good at studying and come first, second in class. He is expecting to have a sponsorship to continue his further study. After all Sponsor will be able to establish relationship with him.