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    Shyam kunwar

    Shyam kunwar

    Child’s name: Mr. Shyam
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Thursday, September 12, 2002
    Home Address: Budhakot VDC, Ward No.-7, Aacham – District
    Favorite Subject: Science
    Favorite Food: Burger and C MO:MO
    Favorite Game: Cricket and Football
    Hobby: Wear new clothes and visit new places
    Dreams: He is talented in his study likewise he wants to be a doctor and give free treatment to poor and needy people of the country.
    Expectation: By viewing the circumstance of Mr. Shyam, he is reserved for sponsor and we are looking sponsorship for helping to him.Sponsorship to him will provide opportunity for good education, accommodation and other various needs and rights. After making sponsorship, you can have direct communication, photography, recreation, get-together, and other various activities with him.