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    Rebanta Kunwar

    Rebanta Kunwar

    Child’s name: Mr. Rebanta
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Tuesday, November 28, 2000
    Home Address: Budhakot VDC, Ward No.-07, Achham –District
    Favorite Subject: Nepali and Computer
    Favorite Food: MO:MO
    Favorite Game: Volleyball
    Hobby: Visit new places
    Dreams: His dream is to be an army and maintainpeace all over the world. He wishes to have peace and harmony among the people.
    Expectation: Mr. Rebanta expected to have a sponsorship to continue his academic carrier I order to reach up to his goals of his life. After having the sponsorship, it is freedom to establish the connection with him and also can take photography, connection by different medium and others.