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    Milan Raj

    Milan Raj

    Child’s name: Mr. Milan Raj
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Tuesday, January 1, 2002
    Home Address: Ragda VDC, Ward No.-08, Jajarkot–District
    Favorite Subject: Science and Math
    Favorite Food: Pizza and MO:MO
    Favorite Game: Group games, skipping , carom board
    Hobby: Dancing, Singing and Playing
    Dreams: His study is very good and he scores good marks in his class. Therefore we can say that he has that ability to study doctor in Future. His dream is to be a doctor because he wanted to give free treatment in his villagers and in his village there is lack of doctor too. So that he heartly want be doctor.
    Expectation: After having all these circumstances he is expecting to have a sponsorship to continue his academic carrier to achieve his targets. H is very talented and he will do his best to achieve his missions. After having Sponsorship he/she can have good connection with him and canyou can have direct communication, photography, recreation, get-together, and other various activities.