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    horac dream house project

    Horac Dream House Project

    HORAC (Home for Rescue of the Afflicted Children) has its primary objective of providing the children's with us with a home of love and care where they can really feel safe secured and cared of. It’s our better experience of year that keeping this feeling up to only the main objective of HORAC has now compelled us to materialize that objective. A concrete will power has developed within us to give a house really owned house of HORAC to our lovely children. It might be the need of the time or the nature itself might be asking us to gift our children with our concrete objective converted to a real concrete house.

    We are facing some challenge right now with our house: noisy, polluted environment, expensive, complicated structure, close to the main road, unfriendly communities and insecure in context of earthquake. Sometime the problem of availability of the room in the rented house too created problem. The need of playground for the children was felt along ago as the children needed playground for refreshing, they use to go in public open spaces. On the other hand, the unexpected 7.9 rector scale earthquake has cause serious damage in Nepal. All most all the houses of 14 districts are nearly damaged in anyway. Our rented shelter couldn't remain untouched. The house where HORAC is running is also damaged and we feel it's not safe to keep the children in such construction; this also has made us think that we need our own earthquake resistance construction where we could take care of children without any doubt.

    We would like to request all the generous people for joining your hands and support financially or in other ways to complete our Dream House Project. We expect generous contributions from all the concerned and kind hearted people. You can also help us by organizing fund raising program, advertising and sharing our information to other people.

    We especially appeal you to contribute one time donationfrom your expenses and be an integral part of “HORAC / Nepal”and“Dream House Project”. We assure you that all the funds received will be properly accounted and well utilized.

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    Horac Dream House Project