Picnic to Gokarneswor

On the 20th of Chaitra (2nd April 2024), HORAC organized an unforgettable picnic to the enchanting locale of Gokarneswor. Gokarneswor symbolizes Nepal's rich cultural and natural heritage, revealing captivating beauty and storied history. Our journey began at 8:30 AM, and we reached our destination at 10 AM. Eager to immerse ourselves in the beautiful surroundings, we took a brief break for a meal and then leisurely explored the area. Our path led us to the memorial park built in honor of Nepalese martyrs, where we relived Nepal's marvelous past.

Energized by the visit to the Memorial Park, we regrouped for a series of spirited activities, including lively games of ‘Musical Dance’, ‘In and Out’, ‘Handkerchief Fight’, and lastly, ‘Fire in the Mountain’. After the games, we performed a brilliant dance for our guests, Anita and Dorris. As dusk approached, we had dinner and bid farewell to a day filled with memories and exploration, arriving home by 6 PM.

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