Timely Medical Care Ensures Recovery for Dipendra Malla

On May 7th, 2024, Dipendra Malla, a children of HORAC Nepal, experienced severe stomach pain. Concerned for his well-being, HORAC staff promptly took him to the nearest hospital. After conducting a blood test, the doctor suspected appendicitis and referred Dipendra to a more equipped hospital in the city for further evaluation.

Upon arrival at the city hospital, Dipendra was immediately taken into emergency care. A video x-ray was performed late at night to confirm the diagnosis. The results came in at midnight, indicating a potential need for surgery. However, the doctors decided to wait until the following morning to reassess his condition.

The next morning, senior doctors reviewed Dipendra’s case and determined that immediate surgery was not necessary. Instead, they recommended a 48-hour period of close observation. During this time, if his pain worsened, surgery would be performed. Otherwise, it was possible that medication alone could resolve the issue.

Dipendra was hospitalized for three nights and four days. Fortunately, by May 10th, there were no further warning signs, and the medication had effectively alleviated his symptoms. He was discharged with a two-week prescription and instructions for a follow-up visit in a week.

On May 17th, HORAC staff brought Dipendra back for his follow-up appointment. The examination showed that he had responded well to the medication, and the doctor advised discontinuing the medication.

HORAC Nepal is grateful for the swift and professional medical care Dipendra received and commends the staff for their prompt action and dedication to his well-being. We will continue to monitor his health and ensure he receives any further necessary care.

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