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28th Poush- 13-Jan 2024

This month, HORAC enjoyed some fantastic visits that brought new insights and connections. From meaningful discussions to shared experiences, these visits added depth to our mission. But it wasn't just about the colors – the workshop also brought everyone together. Students shared their art and experiences, making it a day to remember. The teamwork and creativity made it a big success. Thanks to Tehra Family and Rotary District 3292 Alumni for teaming up with us and making this day a special part of HORAC's artistic journey!

 Each encounter was a source of inspiration, strengthening our ties with the community and contributing to our ongoing work to make a positive impact on the life of our children.

On the 13th of Jan, HORAC had a cool art workshop organized by Tehra Family and Rotary District 3292 Alumni. It was all about celebrating art and letting kids express themselves. The day was packed with creativity and joy as our students got to explore art in a fun and thoughtful way.

With helpful mentors guiding them, the kids got to play with colors and let their imaginations run wild on the canvases. Every brushstroke became a way for them to show what they felt inside. This special day helped our students discover new sides of their creativity, and the awesome artworks they made showed how powerful art can be.

“Grateful for the shared moments” - Tehra Family

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