HORAC's Godawari Picnic

On the festive day of Christmas, 25th of December, HORAC organized a memorable picnic event to Godavari.

Godavari is a destination full of cultural and natural heritage 13.6 KM from our home. It reveals the inner beauty of nature and highlights the rich and unique history of Nepal.

In Godavari, we curated delightful memories through a series of engaging events. Commencing our journey at 8:30 AM, we arrived at our destination around 10 AM. Upon reaching Godavari, we spent approximately half an hour exploring the vicinity while awaiting our meal.

Subsequently, following a brief interlude, we proceeded to the Botanical Garden.

Upon concluding our visit, we returned to our designated area, organizing a series of dynamic and recreational activities such as hot potato, musical dance, badminton, and cricket. Our next destination was Marbel Dada, where we were mesmerized by the sublime beauty of Godavari, encompassing its natural allure, verdant landscapes, and picturesque scenery. After exploring Marvel Dada, we returned to our spot, had dinner, and concluded our day, reaching home by 6 PM.

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