5th Winter Event of children from Care Home

3-5th Magh (Jan 17-19, 2024) 

“5th Winter Event of children from Care Home” is an event organized by the SOH student club of Sertshang Orphanage Home for the fifth time after the success of the 1st ,2nd 3rd & 4th Winter Event and two years break due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal. The second day featured Basketball, Chess, and Carromboard competitions, while the third day included a Speech competition and the closing ceremony. Overall, our children had a wonderful time, forming friendships with kids from other care homes. Despite not excelling in basketball, they showcased excellent sportsmanship and teamwork.

The primary objective behind organizing the Winter Event was to provide a platform that fosters competition and opportunity for children. HORAC believes in the holistic development of children, where sports play an integral role alongside education. The aim of the event was to instill essential values such as honesty, teamwork, and discipline through active participation in sports and physical education.

This event was divided into two sections: Sports and Education. The Sports section consists of Football, Basketball, Carom-Board, Musical Chair, and Chess whereas the Education consists of Essay-writing, Handwriting, and Drawing.

On the first day, events included Handwriting, Essay, Drawing, and Futsal competitions for both boys and girls. The Futsal boys secured the first position, and the girls achieved the second position. In the Drawing competition, Dipak Singh claimed the top spot. Additionally, our children performed admirably in other competitions, reaching the semifinals, and providing tough competition to children from other care homes. However, they chose not to participate in basketball due to their perceived lack of proficiency in the sport.

 “We have learned to give our best regardless of the outcome. This type of event must be carried out in the future to promote healthy competition among the children at the children's home. We hope one day HORAC can organize it and welcome other organizations. ”

- Shyam Kunwar (President-HORAC Child Club)

 The event provided a valuable opportunity for socialization, mental growth, and mutual support. It was a fulfilling experience that allowed our children to build lasting connections and enjoy moments of refreshment.

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