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    Second Wave of COVID-19


    Now we are having a second wave of the coronavirus in Nepal. The infected and date rate of coronavirus is increasing day by day. In the middle of 2020, the situation was quite normal the corona cases were decreasing. Now again the pandemic has started many people are dying by not getting the proper medical facilities, the lives of people have become pity. Again, all the schools, colleges, firms, organizations, and shops are closed. Our children attain online classes and submit their assignments online. We have strictly prohibited our children not to get out of the house as this virus can be caught through the air. Sometimes we make some small motivational classes to motivate our children to go through this situation. This situation could be mentally disturbing so we make sure that all the children are active and happy.

    Children are spending lockdown time in a simple style, as they wake up in the morning, gather for praying after that they brush their teeth, make their beds, and clean the house. We have study time also; big children teach to small children. Then it’s time for lunch and at noon they watch TV, play (Football, Cricket, Badminton, and Tennis), learn new things from the internet, and do more things. They also play indoor games, learn dances, etc.  As we know HORAC is a big family we spend time cracking jokes and make the environment happier. This is really a blessing that in this pandemic time also we all are safe and healthy. 

    Our children are having their final terminal exams from May 30th, 2021 to June 7th, 2021 online. This would be a new experience for our children. The school will teach the procedure to parents also. College students have online classes.

    We have taken some pictures of how children are doing in Lockdown. You can take a look at the following link.

    HORAC Updates May 25-2021 - Google Drive

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    Second Wave of COVID-19