• Reg N0: 155700/073/074      

    S.W.C No: 44381


    Horac Children Lockdown Time


    In the COVID -19 pandemic, the world is fighting to survive and at this moment we thank god that our children are safe and healthy.  Children are spending lockdown time in a simple style, as they wake up in the morning, gather for praying after that they brush their teeth, make their beds, and clean the house. We have study time also, big children teach to small children. Then it’s time for lunch and at noon they watch TV, play (Football, Cricket, Badminton, and Tennis), learn new things from the internet, and do more things. We have some volunteers who take virtual classes to teach our children.  As we know HORAC is a big family we spend time cracking jokes and make the environment happier.

    Horac Children Lockdown Time