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Volunteer's Message

I have an amazing time here at HORAC. From start you have made me feel like a part of the family. I only have one sibling and always wanted more. Now I have many sisters and brothers who I love so much. I have learned a lot about life as well here.

Thank you so much for everything. The HORAC family is simply amazing and I am very grateful to have been here. I am still amazed by these kids, so full of joy, love and happiness for everybody who ever enters this house. I loved all the dancing sessions, playing with the kids and learning more about everybody.

Thank you so much for such a good time here at HORAC! These kids are some of the greatest kids I have ever met. I am glad that, I have had the chance to be a part of the HORAC family. I am goanna miss you. The “staff” does an amazing job with kids and I am sure that they will get the chance to follow their dreams.

I love HORAC, for all that we have shared and for all that you have taught me. I have so many happy memories and I hope you do too!!


Our Projects

HORAC (Home for Rescue of the Afflicted Children) has its primary objective of providing the children's with us with a home of love and care where they can really feel safe secured and cared of.

Nowadays health care and medical services in the orphanage home are taken as a major concern subject.

As the title indicates, thisis a request to become a monthly sponsor forone of the children living in HORAC Nepal. We have 32 children in HORAC, and it is our goal to find a sponsor for each child.

Some of our children are very good in media sector. They can dance really beautiful and sing in a beautiful voice. Some of them want to make their career on media sector.