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    COVID-19 and Lockdown in Nepal


    The pandemic COVID-19 has been spreading all over the world. It has affected numerous people and is still unknown how dangerous it could be. Every country is fighting with its own capacity. The Government of Nepal has issued a nationwide lockdown from 24 March to 21 July 2020. The virus has affected the whole world along with our nation. Now we are in lockdown all the educational institutions and other organizations will remain closed. Since we are many people in the house it has made us a little more difficult to cooperate. But still, we are trying to maintain healthy safety measures to fight against COVID-19. In this pandemic, most of the children are mentally disturbed but we HORAC family as a society we motivate and take care of each other.  Children are spending their days playing, watching TV, exercise, doing creative things like art & craft, learning new things from the internet, and apart from that the following the regular routine.

    Many people are leaving Kathmandu valley and going to their villages. Most people are afraid of it. Our children have finished their final terminal exams however Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12 exams are still uncertain. We hope and pray for the safety of our children and Nepal. 

    COVID-19 and Lockdown in Nepal